Pastoral Letter: A final word, or two, from Rev'd Peter Clark

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church, Uploders Methodist Church and Hope & Radipole United Reformed Churches,

I’ve said before and apologise for repeating this, but when the first lockdown came I wondered what I would do all day, as it seemed they had effectively taken away my job!  When furlough was mooted I wondered if the church ought to save the some money by laying me off for a few weeks?  But within a fortnight the Circuit Team had started to produce first Written Services to be printed and delivered … later emailed to some.  Then along came Video Services (necessitating me learning new technical skills).  This was rapidly followed by live ‘Zoom’ Services which I confess scared the heck out of me initially - though quickly showed themselves to be the closest thing to normal in this period of serious abnormality.

What would I do all day?  Ha !!

The most hectic period was once lockdown eased sufficiently for us to recommence live worship, whilst we still had to keep the virtual ones going.  This is a period that has, thank goodness duly passed as we have returned to something closer to normality - or the much-heralded  ‘New Normal’ maybe, the timing of which has sort of worked out in line with my plans to take early retirement from the end of this month.  Most folk who can return to live church have done so, and for the overwhelming majority of those who receive this communication have indicated that this is the last delivery as we welcome services provided by the two Revs David - Cuckson and Reep. 

But enough of administration, as this is my opportunity to say a huge thank you for the privilege of you calling me to be your Minister for these 8 years.  8 Years?  Really?  It only seems yesterday in some ways and yet in others it is a period of much adaptation, challenge and change - even before the additional issues raised by a certain Coronavirus!  

I have met many inspirational and loving folk, worked alongside hard-working volunteers as well as many much-valued ecumenical colleagues and friends.  As we move towards the future may I wish you well.  I will look forward in due course to working and worshipping with you again in my new role as a member of the congregation as well as, occasionally, leading the odd service.  And of course knowing me, it will hope be as ‘odd’ as I can get away with?

Blessings, love and prayers from your (almost ex-) Minister,

Rev'd Peter Clark
URC Minister of the Bridport & Dorchester Joint Pastorate
NB.   Your Sunday Online Service option from the United Reformed Church, led by Rev’d Lindsey Sanderson (plus the audio link is here): 
If you want to continue with the Daily Devotions audio services (which are evolving into video services in the nearish future)  you can find the link on the URC website and subscribe as I have done?

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