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“ And the one who was seated on the throne said, ‘See, I am making all things new.’ ”    Revelation 21:5 


Springtime is (almost!) upon us, the season of new life and growth, when gardeners begin to plant seeds & nurture plants, in anticipation of producing a harvest in the months ahead.

Growth is vital to life, and requires patience and perseverance, a willingness to invest time in nurturing, feeding and tending new shoots so they can grow strong and bear fruit. The natural world is full of metaphors for our Christian life and journey, which is probably why Jesus so often used examples from creation to explain God’s desire for each of us to grow into the people he created us to be.

Related imageThe season of Lent provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our Christian journey, and a good time to ask ourselves: Where are the signs of growth in my spiritual life? Where are the signs of growth in our church community?

We’re looking for ways in which we can grow as a church community called to “reflect God’s love in all we do so that others may be encouraged to find faith in Jesus Christ.”

As someone once said, growth usually involves challenge and change – including stepping outside of our normal comfort zone into new territory, in response to Jesus’ call to us, “Follow Me”.

During Lent many people challenge themselves to give something up – perhaps chocolate or alcohol, or some other habit. But how about challenging yourself to try trying something new or different this Lent?

If you haven’t been to church for a while, why not come and see what it’s like now?

If you do come to church, why not try going to a service in a different style from what you’re used to?

We’d love to invite you to come and see what church is and can be – a welcoming community of people loving, learning and sharing together!


At BUC there are lots of opportunities to experience church differently, whether you like noisy joyful church or quiet reflective prayer. Look out for dates & details of our regular All age Sunday morning services, Soul Space (1st Sunday at 4pm, informal worship and activities with tea and cake), Messy Church (for families with primary school age children), Café church (a chance to talk about questions raised by stories from the bible over coffee & cake) and Healing services. Holy Week (25-29 March) there will be daily quiet reflections at 8am and 12 noon,  a Maundy Thursday communion at 7pm remembering Jesus’ Last Supper, with foot washing if desired, and a sensory Good Friday afternoon reflective service at 2pm. 

And on Easter Day we’ll be celebrating again the wonderful news of Jesus’ resurrection!

Do get in touch if you’d like more details of any of our activities, or just come along and get involved.

Whatever new experience of church you decide to try, let’s be prepared to be surprised by God and to meet Jesus in unexpected places and ways – just like the women who went to the tomb on that very first Easter Day!

I hope and pray that this Lent and Easter season will be a time of blessing and new growth for you.





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