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  • NORMAL SERVICE is NOT yet resumed, but..... because of the NOVID-19 pandemic all formal activities including Sunday Services are still suspended,

    however, as Sunday’s is almost upon us, here is this week’s menu of Sunday Service options offered by the Circuit Worship Team and beyond.

    1) The Circuit Video service will as usual appear on the Dorset South and West website on Saturday evening and is for the short term going to be hosted by me.  This week’s preacher is Janet Amey, Student Deacon and one of our Lay Outreach Workers in the Circuit, with prayers from Melanie Buckland and me, reading from Artey Williams and music from Heather Reed.  Here’s the YouTube link: DSW 12th July Service
    2) The Audio Service from the URC Daily Devotions Team will be led by on Sunday the Rev'd Dr Janet Tollington, who has been leading the daily reflections for the last fortnight on the Book of Jonah.  She will lead us in a Communion service and reflect on God's spirit as an eternal source of hope and joy.  Janet, now retired, taught the Old Testament for many years at Westminster College, and includes me amongst her pupils.  You may wish to have some bread and wine at hand so we can share Communion together, even though we are apart.
    As ever the service is sent out between 9.45 and 9.50 on Sunday morning but you can listen at any time after that.  Web-Link: www.urc.org.uk / Daily Devotions / Service option

    To help us as we worship we have a lovely range of hymns. 
        Thou Whose Almighty Word by John Marriott,
        Come Thou Everlasting Spirit by Charles Wesley, 
        Gifts of Bread and Wine by Christine McCann, a version of the Sanctus by the Rev’d Michael Forster and
        You Shall Go Out With Joy by Stuart Dauermann. 
        Jo Baird of Nairn URC will sing The King of Love My Shepherd Is during Communion.
    Also to keep folks up to date and encourage one another, we have added another section to the website entitled 'Pastoral Letters' and we will add new pages from time to time and hope you will find it helpful.

    NB. The Minister has a very 'innovative idea' or 'cunning plan'; details in the Pastoral Letter for July 11th


    AND may God be with you 'till we meet again: https://youtu.be/KIu86zHy0Lw by Jim Reeves
    or at a slightly diffent tempo https://youtu.be/11JPU4OUQlA by Rev Jesse Jackson


    About us

    Our Church is called the Bridport United Church (Methodist and United Reformed).  It is a local ecumenical partnership (LEP) where Christians of more than one denomination are working together.  Services are normally held at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings with an evening service held as announced (see Notice Board).

    At the morning service there are facilities for youngsters, known as the Young Explorers group. The church is situated at the heart of the small market town of Bridport in Dorset. The LEP came into existence on 10 November 1971.  

    The former Methodist church in South Street was sold to the local Arts Society and is now the Bridport Arts Centre and the Congregational church in East Street was chosen as the home for the new church partnership.

    If you want to contact us by email, then write to: bridportsec@gmail.com


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