Sunday services are suspended at present BUT we are online

Date: 14th June 2020

Time: 10:30 - 11:30

Because of the NOVID-19 pandemic all formal activities, including Sunday Services are suspended until further notice.
However if you have access to the internet, then you can continue to meet with us as a church online.
Some links are provided below


As per usual we offer you the following Sunday Service options:

1) The Circuit Video service will as usual appear on the Dorset South and West website on Saturday evening and is also led this week by Debs Brazier, with hymns led by Heather Reed.  Simply go to and the link will be there to take you to YouTube.

2) The Audio Service from the URC Daily Devotions Team will be led by the Rev'd Sarah Moore, who works helping churches in the Synod of Scotland adapt to new patterns of ministry and church and life.  Incidentally she was in the year below me at Westminster College.  The worship will reflect on the change all round us and will include singing Marty Haugen's lovely Here In This Place, the gentle Be Still and Know that I am God,  Fr Ernest Sand's jazz inspired Sing of the Lord's Goodness, and Robert Grant's O Worship the King.

3)  A bonus option this week it comes from the Methodist housing association which many of our churches would support this week but thanks to lockdown are unable to. It will be another video service of remembrance for those who have died in MHA and other homes during this difficult time.
Click on this link to find the service:
It will be available from 3pm on Sunday 14th June. You are invited to have a candle ready to light




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