Pastoral Letter: w/e 2nd April 2021

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church, Uploders Methodist Church or Hope and Radipole United Reformed Churches 

Well we have been better prepared for virtual services this year, even though some of us will actually be holding in-person services this year (including both Bridport United Church and Uploders Chapel re-opening on Easter Sunday with 10:30am services).  And gosh what a difference from last year when we had to hastily close everything down and hadn't got anywhere near up to speed with alternatives - mind you with the number of alternatives and Holy Week bonuses, preparing this email in the conic too ‘being up to speed’ is a bit of a joke?  

Last year I remember downloading a written service produced by the Methodist Church nationally and rushing to the United Church to photocopy two dozen copies.  I then rigged up a container to attach to the front door for passers-by and folk who turned up on the Sunday to collect, plus sticking a load of ‘Sorry we’re closed’ signs on the other doors.  

We’ve got a lot slicker since, haven’t we, but I can’t help but think that we will be jolly grateful when we’re back to regular live services?  

Mind you, I think there will still be quite a number of folk who will either take some time to get to church, joining those we have reconnected with in these last 12 months and we shall endeavour to get Written Services to them and if possible continue to offer Zoom Services too?  This Pandemic has been a bit a of a wake-up call in many senses!

On the other hand, I bet those original followers had the wake-up call to end all wake-up calls when they first saw Jesus that first Easter Day and beyond ! 
Every Easter I try to imagine quite what it must’ve felt like and, try as I might, I’m sure I barely touch the surface?  

I do, though, get a heck of a thrill nevertheless every year and a bit of vicarious joy - a joy I share with Jesus’ followers in all the centuries since.  So I pray that you you are able in some way, via the options below to engage with and delight in the wonder, glory and surprise of the Resurrection!

Happy Easter from your Minister,


Peter (Rev'd Peter Clarke)

Bridport United Church & United Church Dorchester Joint Pastorate