Pastoral Letters - getting technical

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church, Uploders Church … and this week also Hope and Radipole United Reformed Churches too - welcome to the service options this week.  
There are a lot of jokes going around on Social Media indicating that thanks to the lockdown we have lost track of time, with jokes such as “It’s Monnesday the 45th of Aprotober I think!” 
Perhaps suggesting that all days have become the same ? 
It’s something that I have noticed has happened a lot with folks I visit in residential care, with the exception of one lady who will scold me for not having visited her for three months and two weeks. I really am going to get an earful when the lockdown allows me to visit her !
Nevertheless, the days do pass and there is difference, not least the change in weather this week?  Having got very hot last week, I actually got caught in a rainstorm when delivering this week.  Never mind, we need the rain April showers are a reminder of normal times? 
Anyway, it seems Sunday’s coming once again and I and our team of contributors offer you this week a service from members of our Circuit Leaders of Worship and the national United Reformed Church :
1) Written Service - This week’s service from the Circuit Team is produced by Rev’d Gwyneth Owen, with prayers by Local Preachers on Note: Chris Smith and Roger Phillips and and can be obtained by sending an email to us:
2) The Circuit Video service is as I type this not yet on the website and is led by some guy called Rev’d Peter Clark this week, with prayers offered by Susan Clark and hymns led by Heather Reed.  It will be on the Circuit Website later today no doubt but defining by ‘church O’clock” (10 am ish)  Simply go to and the link will be there and take you to YouTube. 

3) The Audio Service from the URC Daily Devotions Team can as usual be obtained by going to  and clicking on the Daily Devotions link.  As ever the email will be sent out between 9.45am and 9.50am or alternatively you can simply go to and click the Daily Devotions Link.  People listen at different points throughout the day with most "tuning in" at 10am.  As in previous weeks it should possible to print out a copy if you prefer to read as well as listen.

4) Well you can’t have a week without a Bonus service can you?  So this week’s is the latest service from our own Soul Space team (formerly Xalt) - with our own Jennie McGinley providing the reflection - and as if you hadn't had enough of me from the Circuit video service, there’s a contribution from me too!  It’s a more contemporary service and music style.  The link on YouTube is - (and incidentally if you’re on Facebook, you can like our Group there:  Link is  

Lots of options to have a blessed Sunday.
Blessings from your Minister
Rev'd Peter Clark

URC Minister of the Bridport & Dorchester Joint Pastorate