Pastoral Letter: w/e 12th June 2021

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church, Uploders Methodist Church or Hope & Radipole United Reformed Churches,

Well I am in my sixth month being based in my garden study and it no longer feels different and neither do I automatically worry as I unlock the door, “Will the wifi let me down today?’ as, overwhelmingly it hasn’t so far!  However, it is different from my previous working base, not least because the view is so much more delightful - overlooking the rear part of the garden.  

I was also worried initially that it might be too cold to work in during the winter and possibly too hot in the summer?  The first fear has proved as groundless as the second and indeed, in recent weeks, I have noticed that as temperatures have climbed gradually, I am able to work with the door wide open.  This not only regulates the temperature but also allows all sorts of sounds to waft into my work environment - bird song, church bells plus occasional traffic and airplane noise too.  All in all, quite an improvement!

Additionally, I am able to observe the vegetable plot gradually changing week by week as plants I have planted (and others that were there already!) gradually develop and grow.  It has been a joy and reminds me that though we often resist change we can often find that if we embrace it, life after change can be better and not just different?

Thus, some of the changes forced upon us during this period of pandemic might be irksome (masks, no singing etc.), others just about bearable (travel limits, Zoom and virtual services instead of in-person ones) and yet others are actually quite advantageous.  I include in the last category that fact that thanks to social distancing I haven’t had even the hint of a cold (and would have expected at least two during the period!) and if I’m honest, I have actually quite enjoyed learning new tricks and skills on the computer.  I am after all a bit of technophile!

It all reminds me how jolly adaptable we are and should remind us as it says in Psalm 139, that we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’!  

As we approach the last and, hopefully irreversible, step towards unlocking and a return to some sort of normality, let us remember that we have overwhelmingly survived and managed well in this difficult and trying period … and be prepared to develop and adapt further to God’s next set of challenges!

Blessings from your Minister, 


So, here are your Sunday Service Options:
  1. This week’s Live in-person 10:30am Communion Service at Bridport United Church will be led by Rev'd Peter Clark with an opportunity for the first time in a very long while to share fellowship and a hot drink, if wanted, in the Main Hall after the Service has ended. All sorts of rules and constraints will still be in place but at least it is another step towards normality.
  2. This week’s Circuit Video Service available on YouTube this week will be led by the Rev'd Peter Clark will be available from 5pm on Saturday evening: DSW Service 13 June 2021 
  3. The Audio Service  from the United Reformed Church this week from the Daily Devotions Team is being led by The Revd. Sarah Hall who is a Minister in Southampton.  This service will include Holy Communion so you could prepare bread and wine to share at the appropriate time.  Here’s the link: