Pastoral Letter 12-09-2020

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church or Uploders Methodist Church,

Well the service at Bridport United Church went ahead last Sunday and I think went as well as could be expected and set up to continue, with this week’s 10:30am service to be led by Gill Bumphrey.  

For me it was lovely to see the folk and, thanks to it being a ‘live’ service it was so much better to get feedback on what I said as folk reacted to my words.  

I focused on the story of Moses and his encounter at the Burning Bush though I didn't tell the folks that I had joked during the week running up to the service that, having spent the week catching up from being off the previous week, I had had no time to write a sermon and was considering simply setting up a fire in the middle of the church and suggesting we simply sat there and see if God would speak to us!  

Thankfully while delivering the Written Service other (I would suggest rather better) thoughts came together and it was good to share them on Sunday.  It was even more good to share communion with people, something that I have missed mightily.  Something that Jesus very specifically told us as his people, as his followers to do.

And I was very aware of the countless generations who have shared bread and wine in that place and I felt very privileged to be able to be in that line.   It occurred to me that many of them did so in times of great travail and trouble and I wondered if perhaps they might be looking down on us complaining about it still being rather difficult in these Covid-benighted times and suggesting that our troubles are as nothing as compared with theirs?  

Which made me think that perhaps we can manage to battle on and deal with all that we have to deal with?  After all - they managed and left their beautiful churches and traditions for us to continue, so what else are well called upon to do but to do likewise?

Blessings one and all from your Minister,