Pastoral Letter - 18th October 2020

Dear Friend from Bridport United Church, Uploders Methodist Church or Hope and Radipole United Reformed Churches 


You’d think by now I would have developed a routine for getting these services to you so that you could guarantee this email wold arrive at the same time on the same day each week?  

Yet strangely events continue to conspire to make the point at which I have all the information, links etc. move all over the place!  


The logistics of information-gathering seem impossible to standardise and just as one organisation gets super-organised (I now have the links up to the end of November), something else changes on something that was previously the first to appear.  I am becoming obsessed with lists and writing things down to ensure it all happens - sometimes on the computer, sometimes on my tablet and even on little bits of paper!  


Ah well, we get there in the end, hopefully?


Blessings from your Minister,




OK - here are the ONLINE options this week:

1) Circuit Video Service, with this week’s offering being from the Soul Space Team, continuing our series on people who sat, lay or fell at the feet of Jesus.  This week’s series will focus on Mary of Bethany with a reflection by Jon Sutcliffe.  Here’s the link:

2) The Audio Service from the URC Daily Devotions Team Sunday's service will be led by Rev'd Angela Rigby and and the link to the internet service is here, active from 9.45 am on Sunday 18th October.2020

Our LIVE SERVICE will be at BUC on Sunday Morning at 10.30 am and a video screening of the latest SoulSpace video at BUC at 4.30 pm.