Easter Pastoral Letter

Dear Friends


When we start saying that this is the strangest Easter we have encountered, let us not forget that the very first one was pretty weird too.  The followers who had entered Jerusalem with such joy and hope must’ve been pretty shattered and devastated on that first Third Day and it got decidedly weird thereafter.  As Archbishop Rowan Williams once said “When Mary went to the garden, she didn't know it was Easter!”

Well I hope you are managing with the continuing strangeness, are keeping well and are able to get supplies.

Here, as last week, are the Sunday Service options:

First is via the Dorset South and West Circuit website - https://www.dsw.church  Look for the link that will appear for a service tomorrow put together by Peter and Debs Brazier, which will display on YouTube - so you get visuals too!  

Second, if you go online to https://urc.org.uk and click the Daily Devotions link, there will be a link to an audio version of the service being produced by a Minister or Lay Preacher.

Finally - a debut of my own video-making skills as the newly formed Soul Space team have put together a service of worship songs, reflection and prayers - plus an opportunity to consider some questions resulting from the reflection. Here’s the link - https://youtu.be/i6euDCIQXUg 


Have a blessed time this second strangest Easter of all time!

Your Minister


Rev'd Peter Clark
01308 425978
URC Minister of the Bridport & Dorchester Joint Pastorate
PS and we might not get a flower-dressed Easter Cross but we do have these
An Easter CrossAnother Cross in another Garden